Hello, August…Hello, Loft jeans!

Loft Jeans - Casual Those of you who know me likely know that up until recently, I worked at Loft. For six years! I loved the company. I loved the clothes. I loved the people. Life just got too busy! Working retail for so long teaches you the “retail seasons”, and one of the biggest changes at Loft always came with the new August floor set for Back to School. The biggest change: jeans! We always got a new selection of styles and colors and it was so much fun to put new outfits together using the new denim product.

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The Chambray Shirt – Three Ways!

chambray shirt The denim chambray shirt has made a comeback in a big way and I don’t see this shirt leaving our wardrobes any time soon, regardless of the season! Not only does the chambray shirt look great, but it is extremely versatile, making it a great value, as well. The chambray shirt I have is from Loft. I love this chambray shirt in particular because of the lightly faded appearance, the soft fabric, and the slightly tailored feel and fit. It is long-sleeved, but the soft fabric allows the sleeves to be rolled up easily. I have no doubt that I will wear it year-round! So, if you haven’t worn a chambray shirt before, or maybe it has been a while, you may not know how to style it. Here are a few ways:

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Fall 2013 Color Trend – Pretty In Pink

In the retail world, August usually means the reintroduction of jeans, boots, sweaters, and scarves to the shelves, and typically in darker shades and neutrals. This year, things are looking a little different, and I’m kind of excited. The big Fall 2013 color trend to look for? PINK! And we’re not talking dark hues like fuchsia…I’m talking baby pink. Powder pink. Rose petal pink. Excited??? I know I am!

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Nail Polish Colors and Trends: What I’m Liking Right Now

nail polish colorsI look at fingernails almost as an accessory. You can paint them whatever color you want, whether you have a color that you almost always wear or paint them to compliment the outfit you are wearing. You can also paint them to express your mood, or even to change your mood. Or maybe that’s just me. :) No matter the case, there are always trends to follow when it comes to nail polish. Here are a few of my favorite nail polish colors and trends.
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Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Trend: Animal Prints

Forever 21 – $19.80

School is back in session! What does that mean as far as fashion is concerned??? That it’s time to start stocking up on all of your favorite Fall fashion essentials: cardigans, sweaters, scarves, jeans, and boots! And, of course, you want to be on trend…

Lucky for us, trends for Fall/Winter 2012 are pretty similar to last year: jewel tones, casual “safari” looks, ankle boots, skinny jeans… One of the biggest trends, however, is sure to scare some ladies off. Animal prints.

Animal print can be intimidating, even for some of the most fashion-forward fashionistas. It can be easy to over-do it, or to not even know where to start. Luckily, there are some great safe and somewhat understated ways to play into this trend.

One example is a sheer top that is done in light, neutral colors, like the one from Forever 21 that is pictured to the left. This top looks great alone, but would also look chic under an open cardigan (another trend!). You could pair it with skinny jeans like what is shown, capris, slim dress pants, or even a wide leg jean or dress pant. If you were to go that route, however, I would tuck the blouse in, wear an open cardigan, and a skinny belt.

If you are not big on wearing a lot of animal print, but want in on the trend, an animal print belt or flats would be a good choice. I LOVE this belt at Loft. Not only is it zebra print, but also skinny and rimmed in neon. Talk about a trendy belt!

A great, inexpensive shoe for you to try is this Lower East Side flat found at Payless ShoeSource©. They will look perfect with a cuffed skinny jean and loose-fitting top. They would also look great with boyfriend jeans.

Basically, “less is more” when it comes to animal prints. It can be very easy to go overboard, so play it safe with one printed clothing piece paired with solids, or solid clothes with animal print accessories. Need more, specific advice? Feel free to ask below!