How Meal Planning Can Lead to Less Stress!

Italian Grilled Ham & Cheese

As a stay-at-home mom of two young boys, taking care of the house and meals can sometimes become pretty stressful. For whatever reason, figuring out what to have for dinner each night was semi-stressful in itself. I recently began planning meals ahead of time, and it has surprisingly taken a lot of stress out of my day. Read the rest of my article here.

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One Response to “How Meal Planning Can Lead to Less Stress!”

  1. Tracy says:

    Another bonus for meal planning is cheaper grocery trips because you only buy what you need and since you know what you’ll be eating each day, there’s no need to buy random things you won’t use! And less food gets wasted because it doesn’t get used! No doubt, when we started meal planning life got tons better. :-)

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