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Meal Planning – Menu for August 11 – 17

Meal Planning - Menu August 11-17 Here is this week’s menu! I am using a lot of my “old” recipes, but we now eat whole wheat tortillas, turkey sausage and bacon, ground turkey, and unbleached whole grain flour. We are trying to cut calories and eat “cleaner” meals. Surprisingly, it hasn’t increased our grocery bill at all! Not enough to notice, anyway. Also, if any of my recipes call for rice or spaghetti noodles, we always use brown rice and whole grain spaghetti. Always have. :-)

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Hello, August…Hello, Loft jeans!

Loft Jeans - Casual Those of you who know me likely know that up until recently, I worked at Loft. For six years! I loved the company. I loved the clothes. I loved the people. Life just got too busy! Working retail for so long teaches you the “retail seasons”, and one of the biggest changes at Loft always came with the new August floor set for Back to School. The biggest change: jeans! We always got a new selection of styles and colors and it was so much fun to put new outfits together using the new denim product.

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