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Packing A Healthy School Lunch…That They’ll Actually Eat!

Packing A Healthy School LunchMy oldest son will be starting full-day school next month, and I will be sending him to school with a packed lunch every day. Why? Because of the (mostly) unhealthy options awaiting him at the end of the lunch line! Some school districts are better than others, and I know that some are finally trying to better themselves, but with that being said, I would still prefer to know what exactly my child is eating every day. And that it’s healthy. Some districts let the kids pick and choose from multiple items, which is great. However, our old school district offered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every. single. day. Nope! Here are some tips on packing a healthy school lunch. Read the rest of this entry »

Nail Polish Colors and Trends: What I’m Liking Right Now

nail polish colorsI look at fingernails almost as an accessory. You can paint them whatever color you want, whether you have a color that you almost always wear or paint them to compliment the outfit you are wearing. You can also paint them to express your mood, or even to change your mood. Or maybe that’s just me. :) No matter the case, there are always trends to follow when it comes to nail polish. Here are a few of my favorite nail polish colors and trends.
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Free Alphabet Activity Pages for Kids

Alphabet Activity Page

Free Alphabet Activity Pages

Is your child beginning to show interest in letters and letter sounds? I have created some fun alphabet activity pages that have the alphabet at the top of each page, followed by the letter for that page, a place to practice writing the letter, and a simple activity of circling items that begin with that letter sound. Just click on the PDF and print! Even if your child is in Kindergarten or 1st Grade, maybe this will be a good refresher to use over the summer!

Does your child need help learning the correct order of the days of the week or the months of the year? Here is an activity page to help with the days of the week, and here is one for the months of the year!