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Meal Planning – Menu for July 7 through July 13

Meal Planning Sorry for not posting a menu last week. Things were crazy around here with my oldest having a birthday, baseball games, etc. This week’s menu is pretty simple. Since it’s getting hotter outside, our desire to cook and eat hot food is dwindling. We eat a lot of salad and sandwiches this time of year, so expect those a lot in the coming weeks…more than usual. :-)
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Meal Planning – Menu for June 9 – June 15

    Meal Planning Menu June 9 This is our menu for the upcoming week. Again, we have salad and burgers nearly every week, so they are there again this week. I asked my husband if there were any specific meals he wanted this week, and his only suggestion was Baked Spaghetti. :-) So, it’s on here again, as well! We didn’t get to the burritos last week. Since I have all the ingredients for them, they got bumped to this week.
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