Spring 2012: Top Wedding Gown Trends

Full Wedding Gown Skirt¬†With Christmas, New Year’s, and now Valentine’s Day in the books, chances are there are a lot of new brides-to-be! If you are one of them, congratulations!

Spring has always been a very popular time for weddings. Flowers are starting to bloom once again. That frigid cold, winter wind is long gone. The scorching heat of summer has yet to rear its ugly head. If you are planning a wedding for this spring, here are the top wedding dress trends to keep an eye out for:

Show Off Those Legs!

Hi-low wedding gowns have a skirt that is normal length in the back and is raised shorter in the front. Not only does the raised skirt front give you more walking room, but it also allows you to make that wedding shoe purchase more meaningful. Who wants to pay an arm and a leg for gorgeous shoes just to hide them under a dress?!

While the bride’s feet and legs are typically covered by layers upon layers of fabric at her wedding, not as much attention is given to them. If a gown with a hi-low hemline is chosen, this creates a need for gorgeous shoes that compliment the design of the gown. Depending on the gown color, white, ivory, or nude pumps or sandals would be the likely choice. Since this is a spring wedding, you could go the peep-toe route – just make sure you get a pretty pedicure!

Full, and I mean Full, Skirts

The majority of wedding gowns have always had a bigger skirt, but this year, they have grown. We’re talking similar skirt sizes to the dresses worn by women back in the 1800’s. These skirts can be simple or dramatic, and accompany a simple or dramatic bodice. If you choose a gown with a simple bodice and a dramatic skirt, you could add a necklace or drop earrings that bring some of the attention back up toward your pretty face. If you go with a more decorative bodice, I would either go sans-necklace, or something incredible simple.

Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles

Ruffles are making a come-back, but not in the typical tiered form. Today’s ruffles are vertical, swirled, layered, every option imaginable. Huge skirts are made from multiple layers of precisely-placed ruffles, making these gowns the perfect balance of glamour and elegance. This gown by Pronovias is a perfect example of vertical, swirled ruffles. With this and similar gowns, you can follow the designer’s lead and leave out the jewelry, or add a simple necklace for just a touch more style. A pretty, long, curled hair-do would work, too!

Necklines Continuing Off the Shoulder

Lets face it. Most wedding gowns that are chosen have one of two bodice/neck styles: strapless or halter. One of the biggest trends for Spring 2012 is a neckline that continues onto the arm, showing off the shoulders. This old-fashioned style of neckline paired with modern bodice and skirt styles gives today’s bride a timeless elegance.

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